About the Photographer:
Jessie Lebante is a professional photographer specializing in portraiture, wedding and events photography since 2006.
He is seasoned in capturing beautiful photos for couples, debutantes, pageant contestants,
families, infants, families, expectant mothers, casual and corporate headshots, as well as food, product, hotel/accommodation and destination shoots.
His extra attention to detail and the passion to produce refined outputs make him an outstanding craftsman. With over 15 years of dedication to his art,
Jessie has grown his local, domestic and international clientele. He is a member of the Wedding Portrait Photographers of the Philippines, and in recent years,
he won several awards for local and national photography contests – many of which hailed his entries as first place/champion.
Today, Jessie Lebante stands among the most sought-after professional photographers in Palawan.
His studio is based in San Pedro, Puerto Princesa City, and is available within the city and beyond (with prior arrangements and compliance to local restriction/protocols).
A portfolio of his work can be viewed through the CM Studio website (INSERT WEB ADDRESS) and official FaceBook page (INSERT FB PAGE LINK).
For appointments and inquiries, send a direct message to our page.